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Student Log In

I use Google Classroom for all grades 2 and higher. I can post assignments, links, documents and such and they can interact through it. Below are instructions on how to access it. Any school specific restrictions on student access, rules and such are up to you to follow, they vary from school to school.

Here's how students can log in;

These student accounts are gmail based. They are created by, monitored and filtered by the school system. They can log into their google accounts from any device. Here is how to do it:

Here's a video of me doing it.

if the above doesn't play try this youtube hosted one

Tri Unity uses the following pattern to log in;

email address; first name+ last initial (there are many exceptions to this rule, all students 1st grade and up know this, they do it in my class all the time)

password: they all know them, again, they do it every-time they use a device at Tri Unity. Kindergarten cannot log in on their own. Contact me for help;

Rockford Christian School;

All students grades 2 and up know these by heart, first grade likely cannot do this without their log in cards, I log kindergarten in myself. email me ( with questions

All Saints Academy

students may or may not know their log in information, we use Clever Badges in K-3 which is really nice and easy but it does mean they never learn to log in without badges, if you don't know how to log in with/for our child please contact the school or home room teacher or myself (

Google Classroom

Once logged in, student's can get to google classroom by clicking the upper right corner "apps" button and choosing google classroom, or the upper left apps button

I don't really use Google Classroom the "right" way so ignore due dates (for the most part, it does matter for 6-8 grades only) but assignments have been a bit sketchy because I have only used it as a backup to my direct instruction and only use it as a practice, backup or assignment manager, not as a distance learning tool.

Grade Level Pages

These (click the title above) are collections of links I've maintained for many many years so a LOT of them are dead links, typically the good ones are on top, students use these pages to access our more frequently used pages.

Senora Kuzee's Spanish Page