'87 Porsche 924s

Father son rescue project
Things we did:
timing belt
balance belt
speed and reference sensors
oil cooler seals
clutch disc
pilot bearing
release bearing
engine mounts
resealed power steering pump
resealed power steering rack
rear struts
coolant flush
gas tank clean
fuel lines replaced
wheels painted
home paint job (turned out pretty good) Camaro Synergy Green
odometer fixed
all gauge lighting switched to LEDs
inoperative clock replaced with voltmeter

Originally a North Carolina car. Not a speck of rust anywhere. Runs great, drives down the road awesome. Power sunroof. Power windows. It has air conditioning but we never messed with it, maybe just needs a recharge. It's not perfect but quite a nice little driver. I've been driving it daily. 5 speed manual. 2.5 liter 4 cylinder. Similar to a 944 but faster (they say) and better looking, IMHO! Transaxle car (transmission in back) Great balance, great handling. $3800 OBO.